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DK 700 Hammer Crusher

Product Features



Hammer Crushers are rotor crushers that show high capacity and high performance when the material to be used is selected correctly. Hammer crushers are used to pick up the product up to granular dimensions depending on the material used. Material is crushed by rotating hammers on the rotor and grating. preferable.
Rotor speed and grating opening can be adjusted thanks to the product dimensions can be easily brought to the desired size. High manganese alloy plate as the lining, hammer made of manganese or alloy steel materials are used as hammers. Hammer Crushers can be used in hard and abrasive materials;

• Easy maintenance
• Quick parts change
• High size reduction ratio,
• Low spare parts cost
• It is a preferred crusher type in many enterprises with its main elements such as product control with adjustable grill.

Usage areas
Mainly mining sector, fertilizer, soil industry, glass industry, cement, gypsum, lime, coal, etc. ore mines. Besides our models given in the table, we have specially designed crushers for Glass Industry, fertilizer industry etc. industries.


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