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Piled Mill PD 500

Product Features


Body Type: Monoblock Casting Body / Motor Power: 15 KW

Uses: Used in micronized grinding and granulation of mines and chemicals.

-Calcite, gypsum, lime, limestone, dolamit, coal, borax and so on. efficient grinding of minerals. Chemicals, salt, spices, feed industry, cocoa and so on. It can be used in foodstuffs such as special production in accordance with food norms can be made.

PD 500 Pin Mill Capacity Analysis Table


(Mounted Sieve)






500 Micron

0-20 mm.

0-250 Micron

0-100 Micron %70-80

0-250 Micron %20-30

700-1000 Kg /hours

800 Micron

0-20 mm.

0-500 Micron

0-100 Micron % 50

100-250 Micron % 25

250-500 Micron %25

1000-1200 Kg /hours

1000 Micron

 (1 mm.)

0-20 mm.

0-800 Micron

0-100 Micron %30

0-800 Micron %70

1.2 Ton-2 tone / hour

2 mm.

0-20 mm.

0-1500 Micron

0-800 Micron % 70

800-1500 Micron %30

2-3 tone / hour

3 mm.

0-20 mm.

0-2 mm

0-1mm. %50

0-2mm. %50

3-4 tone / hour

*The values given were obtained from calcite experiments.

* Capacity values will increase if the feed grain size becomes smaller.

* The capacity will increase if it is operated without screen.

* Values are obtained from experiments carried out at constant speed. The mill speed can be changed by frequency control device and different grain size output can be provided.



PD 500 Pin Mill, body and rotor parts are monoblock castings. All parts of the machine are processed on CNC machines.

Grinding Pins are manufactured as alloy steel casting and are heat-treated after treatment to make them resistant to abrasion.

Sieves, stainless steel hole sheet sieves (imported) are used. Thanks to the exchangeable sieves in the mill, the final product of different grain output sizes can be obtained.

Spare Parts: Machine wear parts (Pin, Primer and Rotor Set) are in stock.


Stocking-Transfer of ground product

  • The outlet can be connected to a large silo for direct stocking of the final product.
  • A blower-fan can be used to transfer the final product away from the machine.
  • If the final product is to be classified, Algaier and so on. by separating the product into different grain sizes, the remaining residual product can be returned to the mill for grinding.

PD 500

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